1979 CBX Winter Project

One day last fall they told me my cancer was back. As I looked into the bathroom mirror that morning, I realized that old man looking back at me had better get busy on the stored 1979 CBX if he ever expected to ride it again.

Now it’s not all gloom and doom as Columbus Ohio has some fantastic Doctors and I have been told I’ll get through this. But the fact that I’ll soon be 70 years old remains. That said, I knew I couldn’t put this project off any longer.

I purchased this bike new from Honda of Springfield in Springfield Ohio in 1980. Sales were not what Honda had hoped for, and new 1979 models where available still in their crates.

My wife and I toured Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee on the bike for several years. In the fall of 1988 I parked it at my Father’s garage as we were moving house and that seemed like the best place for it. Little did I know at the time that it would be 36 years before I got the bike out again!

On December 16th 2023, I loaded up the bike and brought it home to the shop. The adventure begins!