14K on Speedo

Just clocked 14K on the 550 tonight.  2203 miles in just over a month.  The bike is running great too!

Third times a charm…..

Still battling with the right fork seal.  Completely cleaned the lower fork tube with super fine steel wool this time around.  Cleaned up one of the original fork seals to re-use and it looks like it’s finally going to quit leaking. Almost put 2000 miles on the bike since the first ride back on May … Read more

Installed Sport Wind-Screen

I guess I’m getting old.  If I’m going on long distance rides with the CB 550 I need something to block some of the wind. I have a full plexi-glass fairing, but I think it ruins the looks of the bike.  After some serious web surfing, I purchased a National Cycle Deflector Screen DX. More … Read more