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  • CBX Winter Project II

    CBX Winter Project II

    When I start a new bike project I break the projects into 4 stages… To get the bike running, I need two items; 1) a new battery, and 2) complete rebuild of the carbs. I ordered up a new Yuasa YB18L-A battery on-line. As for the carbs, I purchased Mike Nixon’s booklet several years ago.…

  • 1979 CBX Winter Project

    1979 CBX Winter Project

    One day last fall they told me my cancer was back. As I looked into the bathroom mirror that morning, I realized that old man looking back at me had better get busy on the stored 1979 CBX if he ever expected to ride it again. Now it’s not all gloom and doom as Columbus…

  • More riding in 2023

    More riding in 2023

    The old guy I saw in the mirror the other day told me I’d better get to spending more time on the motorbikes while I still can. While my sister cringes at the thought, I believe riding is quite safe provided you take precautions like wearing a helmet and other protection gear. I’m not “all…

  • Carb clean & rebuild

    Carb clean & rebuild

    I finally decided to put the stock air filter box and stock air filter back on the bike. Back in the 80’s, when we were drag racing this bike, lots of the stock items where replaced by items better suited to racing. Those days are now over. Since I had to remove the carbs to…

  • Could not pass it up…

    Could not pass it up…

    Every so often I check Craig’s List for bikes. My thought is, I’ll sell the CBR250R and find a nice Rebel 250. Well, when I checked a few days ago, this Yamaha Seca Turbo caught my eye. It’s not something I’d normally be interested in, but after reading the ad, I just had to inquire.…

  • Another new bike!

    Another new bike!

    I thought between my three bikes I had one to cover any occasion.  I was wrong.  LOL  I’m looking to do some longer trips this year and none of my bikes are really up to that task. The CBR250R is loads of fun, but sport bikes can become quite uncomfortable on long trips. The CBX would…

  • Some new gear

    Some new gear

    When I got the bike out of 29 years of storage last year, I just drug out my old riding gear.  As the new riding season is quickly approaching, I treated myself to some new stuff!

  • CB550 Dash Lights

    CB550 Dash Lights

    Well I have looked high and low to try and find the dash light harness for my ’74 CB 550.  I removed the harness back when I was drag racing the bike and had hoped I would find the parts with my other stash of stock parts…..  no such luck.

  • Pirelli Sport Demon Tires

    Pirelli Sport Demon Tires

    I was thinking I’d wait until next year to replace the tires on the CBR250R, but I had some other items I wanted to purchase and the tires came at a very good price…..

  • Experienced Rider Skills Training

    Experienced Rider Skills Training

    Labor Day 2018 saw me and 11 other bikers taking the Ohio Department of Public Safety BRS-2 (Experienced Rider Skills) training course. It was a very informative All-Day course, and at only $50, quite a bargain too! Highly recommended!  If your state offers such training,it’s well worth the effort to improve your skills, and course completion…

  • Almost a hood ornament…..

    Almost a hood ornament…..

    One the way home from a quick trip into town today, I had the bad luck of having the driver of a full sized pickup truck pull out of a side street right in front of me.  For a split second it looked like I was bound to end up a hood ornament for the…

  • Squeezing the fuel

    Squeezing the fuel

    I’ve put almost 2000 miles on the CBR250R in the last month and boy is it easy on gas! With a mix of open road, commuting, and in town riding, it’s averaging right at 75 MPG.