A new bike in the garage…..

Well, good fortune has smiled on me this week.  The owner of the CBR250R sent me a text with a counter offer of $1900.  I replied, I’d split the difference and give him $1850.  After a couple days, he text me to make arrangements for me to come and get the bike!

The bike had 5945 miles on it and as I said in the previous post, the chain was rusted and the tires look to be the 7 year old originals.

After a bit of attention, I think I can save the chain and get some more miles out of it.  I cleaned it and lubed it very well and it seems to be coming back to life.  It’s very quite and not at all noisy like a worn-out chain.

As for the tires, they show almost no wear except for down the middle of the tire.  The sidewalls have just the slightest sign of and cracking with just a few hair-line cracks starting to show.  I’m very particular about the tires I ride on, but I think these should be just fine for this riding season.

I run a tank of gas through the bike and it’s a blast to ride!  It’s getting over 72 MPG too!