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  • Pirelli Sport Demon Tires

    Pirelli Sport Demon Tires

    I was thinking I’d wait until next year to replace the tires on the CBR250R, but I had some other items I wanted to purchase and the tires came at a very good price…..

  • New parts for the CBR250R

    New parts for the CBR250R

    Well the items I thought were going to be the first problem areas might not be problems at all, but after a couple weeks on the bike, I have found several other items that do need attention.

  • A new bike in the garage…..

    A new bike in the garage…..

    Well, good fortune has smiled on me this week.  The owner of the CBR250R sent me a text with a counter offer of $1900.  I replied, I’d split the difference and give him $1850.  After a couple days, he text me to make arrangements for me to come and get the bike!

  • Looked at a 2012 CBR 250R

    Looked at a 2012 CBR 250R

    It might  just be spring fever, but I’ve been looking at bikes lately.  Today, I rode up to Bellefountaine, Ohio to look at a Honda CBR 250R. The bike had low mileage and was in great condition.  It had been sitting for the past couple of years and the owner had just installed a new…