Looked at a 2012 CBR 250R

It might  just be spring fever, but I’ve been looking at bikes lately.  Today, I rode up to Bellefountaine, Ohio to look at a Honda CBR 250R.

The bike had low mileage and was in great condition.  It had been sitting for the past couple of years and the owner had just installed a new battery.

By the condition of the chain, you could tell the bike hadn’t been ridden lately as it was rusted and dry.

At any rate, I offered $1800 thinking I’d need to change the fluids, and install new tires and a chain before putting the bike back on the road.  The seller wanted $2000 and seemed pretty firm on his price.

It was a nice 45 minute ride both ways to see the bike, and we had a nice chat, so even though I didn’t come home with a new bike, it was worth the trip.