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May 2017

    Back to stock gearing, and RC cone installed


    After searching hi & low, I’ve found some of the original parts for the CB 550. I was mostly interested in finding the 17 tooth front sprocket for the bike.  The 15 tooth sprocket used to drag race is not too bad for in town riding, but it just doesn’t cut it out on the road. Also found the cone that goes on the end of the RC Header.  This will help to tone down the bark a bit.…

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  • Repair

    CB 550 Fork Seals

    The right fork is leaking on the CB 550 so fork seal replacement is in order.  Rather than pay top dollar for oem Honda seals, I just ordered some generic 35mm…

  • Rambling

    New rubber

    Ordered tires, tubes, and rim strips from BikerBandit.  On recommendation from over at THE SINGLE OVERHEAD CAM FOUR OWNERS CLUB, I purchased Shinko 712’s. Installed the front yesterday and the rear…

  • Rambling

    Hit 12000 miles.

    Bike is back on the road after 29 years of sitting in Pop’s garage.  Odometer clicked over 12000 miles today! 234 miles traveled since I got it running.  More parts…