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    Another new bike!

    Bikes NC700X Rambling

    I thought between my three bikes I had one to cover any occasion.  I was wrong.  LOL  I’m looking to do some longer trips this year and none of my bikes are really up to that task. The CBR250R is loads of fun, but sport bikes can become quite uncomfortable on long trips. The CBX would be a nightmare to get repaired if something happened off the beaten path. The CB550 is probably the most suited, but with tube tires and…

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  • Rambling

    Squeezing the fuel

    I’ve put almost 2000 miles on the CBR250R in the last month and boy is it easy on gas! With a mix of open road, commuting, and in town riding,…

  • Rambling

    New rubber

    Ordered tires, tubes, and rim strips from BikerBandit.  On recommendation from over at THE SINGLE OVERHEAD CAM FOUR OWNERS CLUB, I purchased Shinko 712’s. Installed the front yesterday and the rear…

  • Rambling

    Hit 12000 miles.

    Bike is back on the road after 29 years of sitting in Pop’s garage.  Odometer clicked over 12000 miles today! 234 miles traveled since I got it running.  More parts…