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  • Carb clean & rebuild

    Carb clean & rebuild

    I finally decided to put the stock air filter box and stock air filter back on the bike. Back in the 80’s, when we were drag racing this bike, lots of the stock items where replaced by items better suited to racing. Those days are now over. Since I had to remove the carbs to…

  • CB550 Dash Lights

    CB550 Dash Lights

    Well I have looked high and low to try and find the dash light harness for my ’74 CB 550.  I removed the harness back when I was drag racing the bike and had hoped I would find the parts with my other stash of stock parts…..  no such luck.

  • New riding season, new spark plugs

    New riding season, new spark plugs

    I managed to loose one of my original keys to the ’74 CB550 recently, but fortunately, a local locksmith had blanks and was able to cut me two new keys from my remaining original. I also broke down and installed new spark plugs.  The bike was still starting and running good, but it would miss…