Squeezing the fuel

I’ve put almost 2000 miles on the CBR250R in the last month and boy is it easy on gas! With a mix of open road, commuting, and in town riding, it’s averaging right at 75 MPG.

The thing is, I’m not trying for the best mileage, just riding the bike.  When I’m just cruising the back-roads or riding in town, I like to keep it between 4000 & 6000 RPM.  When I’m riding in an aggressive mode, the upper limit goes up to 8500 RPM.

At any rate, I’m loving it!  When I filled up today, gas was $2.959 and the extra mileage just means more time on the bike.  In the 165 miles traveled on this tank, I spent a good bit of time on some state routes…..  76.85 MPG!

Ride safe – Dennis