More riding in 2023

The old guy I saw in the mirror the other day told me I’d better get to spending more time on the motorbikes while I still can.

While my sister cringes at the thought, I believe riding is quite safe provided you take precautions like wearing a helmet and other protection gear. I’m not “all the gear all the time” yet, but I’m getting close. Besides, with good gear the ride is more enjoyable, not less.

01/05/2023 49 °F Clark Lake

We all hear about the dangers of riding, but did you know that regular riding can improving your cognitive function by up to 50% according to research done by Ryuta Kawashima.

Also, riding is a total-body experience, it requires all our extremities and mental faculties to work seamlessly with the bike. As such, this engagement gives you an adrenaline rush and leads to a release of dopamine. This hormone controls mental, emotional, and motor responses. The endorphins being released, make you associate riding with happiness and freedom. It also has the added benefit of reducing stress.