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  • New parts for the CBR250R

    New parts for the CBR250R

    Well the items I thought were going to be the first problem areas might not be problems at all, but after a couple weeks on the bike, I have found several other items that do need attention.

  • A new bike in the garage…..

    A new bike in the garage…..

    Well, good fortune has smiled on me this week.  The owner of the CBR250R sent me a text with a counter offer of $1900.  I replied, I’d split the difference and give him $1850.  After a couple days, he text me to make arrangements for me to come and get the bike!

  • Looked at a 2012 CBR 250R

    Looked at a 2012 CBR 250R

    It might  just be spring fever, but I’ve been looking at bikes lately.  Today, I rode up to Bellefountaine, Ohio to look at a Honda CBR 250R. The bike had low mileage and was in great condition.  It had been sitting for the past couple of years and the owner had just installed a new…

  • New riding season, new spark plugs

    New riding season, new spark plugs

    I managed to loose one of my original keys to the ’74 CB550 recently, but fortunately, a local locksmith had blanks and was able to cut me two new keys from my remaining original. I also broke down and installed new spark plugs.  The bike was still starting and running good, but it would miss…

  • First ride this year!

    First ride this year!

    Very nice day for Ohio in February…  almost 80 degrees and sunny. Changed the oil & filter, filled up with some fresh gasoline and off for some back-road touring of about 150 miles.  Felt really good to be back on the bike. Need to install new spark plugs as I have a slight miss around…

  • Flat tire…..

    Flat tire…..

    Went for a ride last Tuesday, trying to get in some riding time before the weather turns here in central Ohio, and had a flat rear tire.  When I’m just riding around the home place, I don’t carry tire repair tools and such, so I got on the phone to AAA. I couldn’t find anything…

  • Road Trip: McConnelsville

    Road Trip: McConnelsville

    Had a very enjoyable ride to McConnelsville and back today.  All in all, about 5 hours in the saddle.  No problems at all, and the bike ran great.  In fact, as the roads got more and more twisty, I think it was enjoying the workout!

  • 14K on Speedo

    14K on Speedo

    Just clocked 14K on the 550 tonight.  2203 miles in just over a month.  The bike is running great too!

  • Third times a charm…..

    Third times a charm…..

    Still battling with the right fork seal.  Completely cleaned the lower fork tube with super fine steel wool this time around.  Cleaned up one of the original fork seals to re-use and it looks like it’s finally going to quit leaking. Almost put 2000 miles on the bike since the first ride back on May…

  • Installed Sport Wind-Screen

    Installed Sport Wind-Screen

    I guess I’m getting old.  If I’m going on long distance rides with the CB 550 I need something to block some of the wind. I have a full plexi-glass fairing, but I think it ruins the looks of the bike.  After some serious web surfing, I purchased a National Cycle Deflector Screen DX. More…

  • Back to stock gearing, and RC cone installed

    Back to stock gearing, and RC cone installed

    After searching hi & low, I’ve found some of the original parts for the CB 550. I was mostly interested in finding the 17 tooth front sprocket for the bike.  The 15 tooth sprocket used to drag race is not too bad for in town riding, but it just doesn’t cut it out on the…

  • CB 550 Fork Seals

    CB 550 Fork Seals

    The right fork is leaking on the CB 550 so fork seal replacement is in order.  Rather than pay top dollar for oem Honda seals, I just ordered some generic 35mm x 48mm x 11mm seals from 4 into 1. The original boots are long gone from this bike and the dust seal boots that are…